Review for Miranda The Castaway

Review for Miranda The Castaway

8386348A short review for a very short book.

I would have rated this book higher, but I felt the ending was odd and not entirely the ending I was waiting for. Or at least not one of the endings I was waiting for. I won’t spoil, so you will have to read it to find out. I wish we had a small epilogue with what happens after she does this and the book ends. I would like to know how it goes with her now.

The illustrations were pretty nice and colourful. There were enough details and I like how the character looked and how she changed from looking a bit haggard and wet, to surviving on an island. I didn’t particularly needed a visual of her huts with her sitting with her pants down on the toilet. That is truly the only thing I didn’t like with the illustrations. It felt unnecessary and strange.

The character is great. Instead of crying and weeping and whining, she went to try out things. She tried out foods, found foods she could eat, and then build a hut and various other things. She is a true survivor, not giving up once. She is also really inventive, using her braces to fish.
I hope she will keep those awesome skills even when she gets older. It would be a shame if she turns out like so many adults, boring and unimaginative.

Even though the ending wasn’t what I was looking forward to, I would still recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a fun short book with a kick-ass survivor girl.


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