Review for Mysteries According to Humphrey

Review for Mysteries According to Humphrey

12953456I finally found some “new” parts from this series in the new library I subscribed to. I really love Humphrey and I do hope that one day I will be able to read them all!

In this volume we got various things happening. We got mysteries, Halloween, substitute teacher, a mysterious disappearing (which to the rest wasn’t so mysterious or disappearing) and of course one cute and very smart hamster.

Humphrey was brilliant again, I love how he thinks and how he tries to help the class, or how he participates in the lessons. He is always very active. It is really great fun to see him get smarter or learn more and more.
I really liked how he tried to figure out the mystery of Mrs. Brisbane, how he wrote down little notes in a tiny notebook (how nobody every found it, remains a mystery).

I would have loved having a hamster in my classroom back when I was a little kid. I would be delighted to watch over him and feed him.

The kids in the classroom are fun kids, they really care about their teachers, about their pets and they really do their best. I will be sad when they will leave and Humphrey will get a new class (since I am guessing this will happen, or maybe the story will just stop at that point).

While most of the story takes place in the school (of course), we also have a few parts where Humphrey leaves for the weekend and gets taken to stay with one of the kids in his class.

Also that cover, how can anyone resist that? I just want to hug the cover, it is so cute.

All in all, this was a delightful read and I can’t wait to read the other Humphrey book I got from the library. I would really recommend this cute books to everyone. To little kids who love hamsters or stories from the perspective of a pet, to adults who just need some cuteness in their lives.


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