Review for Sket Dance Vol.32

Review for Sket Dance Vol.32

18303502And with this volume Sket Dance is now over. *insert a whole lot of tears*

This was a fantastic series. Not only the manga, but also the anime. I will miss them both, though I am hoping for bonus chapters and more seasons of the anime. 🙂

This won’t be a long volume, as there are a lot of spoilers, last moment things, confessions, revelations and so much more.

This last volume made me cry. At first it just starts off calmly, with a school festival with a challenge, but then it goes into rollercoaster-mode after that. Sket Dance is graduating, they are disbanding and finding a new Sket Dance. There is also the talk about schools and what they will do after they graduate.

Each of the 3 main character get their chance to shine. Bossun has some things that he needs to talk about, Himeko, well those who read the manga will know what I am talking about. 🙂 And lastly we have Switch. The other 2 pale in what will happen to him in this volume!

The last chapter (Graduation) was perfect, and sad. I am happy to see it end like this, though I wish the manga could have gone on and on for some time still.

The art is still great and I love the expressions/emotions that people show, they are often so silly or overdramatic.

All in all, I would highly recommend this volume. And I will also highly recommend this manga to everyone. Are you looking for a manga with comedy, school stuff, a few hints of romance and drama? Then try this one out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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