Review for Soul Eater Vol.15 and Vol.16

Review for Soul Eater Vol.15 and Vol.16

17333320This will be a review for Volume 15 and 16. I will try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but I just have to talk about some stuff.

These 2 volumes are packed full with action, excitement and revelations. Volume 15 finishes the whole Baba Yaga arc with an epic twist that I saw coming (Hey, it is Medusa, everyone should know that she has tricks everywhere.). Volume 15 also goes into the Spartoi Arc which continues in the Volume 16. I am guessing Volume 17 will have a new arc, since now the battle starts with Crona.

I really liked the Baba Yaga Arc, but I am happy it is over. It just got a bit too long and I just wanted them to continue with some better bosses.
The Spartoi Arc so far is pretty awesome, we have new special teams being made (wearing the costumes shown in the cover of Volume 16), Soul and Maka have something epic going on (something we have been waiting for since Volume 1) and we have some research stuff going on. Also Death The Kid and him being captured. Poor guy, I hope someone will save him soon, before something bad happens to him. He is all tough and all, but I am sure he is also scared.

Next to all the action and excitement we got some comedy and slice of life stuff going on, which is why I love this manga series so much. I am not one that loves action all the time, so a bit of a switch between that and comedy is perfect.
Poor Black Star, though he had it coming, he shouldn’t have turned his back and he should have kept his big mouth shut.

I love Soul and Maka, they make a wonderful pair. Even though they are bickering at times, I can see they are perfect friends and I really hope they will stay this way for a long long time. And I loved their new powers, they still need tweaking and they will need to work on it (as it is a bit dicey now), but I think they can handle this and come out more epic than before!

The art is still great and I really like how the artist went to sketch/not all to good art mode when the madness that is spreading pops up. People are distorted, looking all sketched and several other things.

And once again, I would highly recommend this series to everyone. 🙂


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