Review for The Case of the Missing Moonstone

Review for The Case of the Missing Moonstone

21965114After seeing an image on Twitter, I became interested in this book. However, in the end it turned out to be only decent.

This mostly lay in fault with the fact that I feel the story could have easily ended 80/100 pages sooner. Now, we already had several things solved, but due to them wanted to make a grand plan, it took a long time. Add to that a silly chase and some other not related to the acorn mystery stuff.

I am not sure, I might have missed something, but from what I could see the title is also a mystery until halfway/a bit further from that part. I was expecting this acorn thing to be over soon, but in the end it turned out everything was about that acorn.

The characters were really fun, I especially liked Mary. Ada, she was a nice character, but a bit to eccentric for my tastes. I didn’t always like her behaviour and how she acted like a brat with too many braincells.
Mary was really fun and I loved it when we had parts with her as main character. She is smart, fun, she cares about people and several other things.

The mystery is so-so. Especially since it really got solved around the halfway mark. I don’t mind finding out about the mystery as the book goes on, but this was just sad. Oh, hey we solved the mystery (Ah, duh!) and let’s continue for another 100 or so pages with a plan.

Will I be reading the next books in this series, should they ever be available? I am not sure yet. It was fun, and these books are normally right up in my alley, but this one just lacked something. I might try one more book out, see if it gets better.


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