Review for The Recovery

Review for The Recovery

23834109I was all excited when I heard that The Program series would get more books! Starting off with this book (sadly a novella).

This one is all about Realm. Yep, that Realm. Our resident mysterious/a bit bad boy, trying to fix things.

Sadly, the book was really short. I was excited when I saw my Kobo say it would have 75 pages… and then find out that at the end it was actually 45~ pages and that the rest was a preview for the prequel (The Remedy). While I am still happy that we get 45 pages, it felt a bit short. I won’t spoil much, but the journey isn’t finished near the end. We were just getting to a good part, and I wanted to know how the others would react and then BAM it was over. 🙁

Realm was a great character. And I know I really loved him in the first book. He was my mysterious boy, while James was the bad boy. So I was really happy that in this book we have more Realm, find out more about him. He was written really realistic in this book. I can imagine his guilt, his pain. He was there (at the Program), he earned and broke the trust of many people and they never knew. However, I felt that Realm punished himself too hard on the situation. Yes, he was bad and did terrible things, however I think he doesn’t deserve this much pain and guilt. He already did so much to fix what he did wrong. I do hope that he will be able to live with the guilt and will also look around him. See that the world isn’t hating on him that much. That sure, people will be hurt when they find out, but that they will (in the end) also appreciate his honesty.

And that is what also made the book great. The reactions from the people. Realm went to everyone with a folder with memories. Things he remembered, things they told him. The people we met all had different emotions, and they were all realistic. I won’t spoil anything, let’s just say that during 2 of the bring-back-memories/confess-everything scenes, I cried a little.

Dallas was a wonderful character. She is so sweet and kind. I really hope that she and Realm can figure out something. I would be so sad if they let this connection go.

All in all, I really loved this book. I loved the road trip. It was fun to see James and Sloane again. I especially was delighted to see our bad boy back. Happy to see that he and Sloane are still together.
I would really recommend this little novella. Though be sure to read it AFTER the series. Not before, because then things will be spoiled.
And me? I can’t wait for the prequel to finally come out. I am really excited and can’t wait to read all about the world before everything went wrong.


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