Review for The Year of the Fortune Cookie

Review for The Year of the Fortune Cookie

22749835Another fantastic book in a series that is shaping up to be one of my favourites of all time.

This book picks up a few months after the previous book. Anna is now in middle school, she is making new friends, finding new places to belong and best of all, helps out a whole lot of people and goes to China. I really love this series, but this one is really the best one so far. I rated them all 5 stars, but this one feels closer to a 5+ stars.

This is mainly because of Anna. Anna who does everything for everyone, but still feels realistic. She still has worries, she still is unsure of a lot of things, but she doesn’t let them stop her. Oh no, she still continues full steam ahead. Nothing is stopping this little girl. I loved how she collected money for the orphanage, loved that she started knitting little hats for the babies in the orphanage, and how she pulled people into her plans, her ideas.
I loved how she was in China, it was a really great idea that she could tag along. She could provide Chinese help, she could help out with the babies (she got experience with a little brother and a little sister) and various other things. I really liked that in China she noticed things. In America she stands out because she is Asian, but in China she became one of the mass, one of the people. And on the one side she loved it, but on the other side she didn’t. While I am not an expert on these things, I know the feeling of wanting to belong somewhere, and yet also being happy to stand out and being special.
Anna made a new friend in China, and from what I can see our next book will be about this friend. A friend I really liked. They really became good friends instantly. Both helping the other out. Anna with English and Fan with Chinese. It was a great combination and I can’t wait to see Fan in the next book(s).

The whole trip to China was fun, and while I can imagine that they (the adoption agency/the ones taking care of adoptions) want the couples who want to adopt kids to understand their country, I think this isn’t the right way. To force them through all the attractions, all the things they need to see. In the end the couples only got grumpy and annoyed, and I don’t think they actually paid much attention any more. Which is a shame. I think it would be better to show them some sights, some things, but to also help them out with any questions they might have (make sure to have a translator (like Anna) ready).
Still it was nice to read about all the sights and see some of the sights illustrated. I would still want to go to China one day, so I love reading about it.

I am so happy for Anna’s teacher and her husband, I am sure they will be great parents. Jing is a very lucky baby to have found a wonderful place to call home. Sure, the people in the orphanage do their best to care for the little ones, but in the end a stable home might be even better.

And once again this book tackles several realistic situations and make them so that kids can understand it and kids can love it. This time we got adoption, overpopulation, getting money for a good cause, finding yourself (Anna and her Chinese identity) and several other situations. Even with so many topics, you will never get confused or feel like it is too much. It is all done perfect and it is a thing that I really like. I normally don’t like it when we get like a dozen of problems thrown on our head, because in general books muddle them up or they don’t match with each other, and there are a few other reasons. But this one just handles them all perfectly. Definitely a big plus point!

All in all, I really loved this, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out in paperback (so probably next year?). I would highly recommend this series to everyone.


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