Review for Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse

Review for Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse

3694955-tiny_return_1wmThis is a review for the ARC.

I saw this one and I just squealed. I loved Teen Titans, and I love it when superheroes get turned into chibi-form.

I didn’t recognize or know all of the titans. Some I knew from their bigger forms, some I knew from the Teen Titans, but a lot of them were unknown. Not that it matters much, just that I was a little bit confused about things at times.

In this comic the Teen Titans lose their tree house and go on a hunt to find it. This hunt leads them through various worlds, from the bat cave to underwater and Atlantis. It was really fun to meet with all the various characters from the other series that there are. Batman, Aquaman, various baddies and more!

Of course the search is accompanied by lots of hilarity, a sweet whiff of romance and a lot of adorable cuteness.

I really like the art, it is fun, cute and the colours are very vibrant.

I am hoping to find the other comics from this series, though I don’t think I will have much luck, it was already a wonder that I found this one. But crossing fingers and I will keep on hoping.

All in all though I would really recommend this. You like chibis, you like superheroes, you like comedy? Then this one is for you.


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