Review for Touhou Suzunaan – Forbidden Scrollery. Vol.3

Review for Touhou Suzunaan – Forbidden Scrollery. Vol.3

978-4041211113The last volume for a while. Now it is waiting for the next one to come out. This will be a small review.

I didn’t like this one as much as I did with the others. By now I know the stories, by now I also know there will be a monster/youkai/problem of the week/chapter. It is a nice format, but it also gets a bit boring. I wish we would find out more about Kosuzu. Why is she able to translate books? How did she get those powers? From birth? Or due to her working in such a magic-filled place? I have so many questions and I feel that they don’t get answered.

Of course, the stories are still great and I really enjoy them. They are interesting to read, to learn about new spirits/youkai/other creatures.

And I am also delighted to see various other Touhou characters make an appearance. I keep shouting in delight and squealing. So happy to see them in here. Kosuzu, Reimu, Marisa, Mamizo, Akyuu are nice characters, but there is a whole world out there, filled with interesting characters.

The art is still gorgeous and I am really loving how the backgrounds, the characters and everything else is done.

Ah one thing I didn’t like. The last chapter in this book is the first one of an arc. An arc that continues in the next volume. :\ I hate it when this happens. I guess I will see if I can find that chapter and read it so I know what happened with Reimu and whatever is haunting that school.


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