Review for UQ Holder Vol.3

Review for UQ Holder Vol.3

20819728I totally had forgotten about this series, but when I was checking my shelves I noticed this one and immediately ordered 3 and 4.

Volume 3 is full with action. There wasn’t much talking, most of the volume was spend on battles between various characters. Most notably though were the battles between Touta and Kaito. The battles were interested, but they got a bit boring. I was actually hoping that we would get some more flashbacks, more information as to what happened to Negi, what happened to the world.

Sure, we got some flashbacks, and my oh my, Negi looked hot! I never really liked how he looked in the first series, but I don’t mind seeing this Negi more often. He really looks like his dad.

I can’t wait to see what will happen in Volume 4, hopefully some more past and history stuff. Maybe some more hot Negi images. *hopes*

The illustrations are still gorgeous and Ken Akamatsu shows that even though years went by since his first manga, he can still draw. He even got better at it. 🙂


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