Review for UQ Holder Vol.4

Review for UQ Holder Vol.4

22570821Not a long review due to various reasons (too easy to spoil is one of them).

This was once again a fantastic volume. Also a lot of information dump (which is typical of this mangaka/author) and also a whole lot of action.

We learn a whole bunch of new things, and we also see some of the older Negima crew popping up or making an appearance. I really love that, and I hope that we will soon see Negi pop up, I would love to see him now, after so many years.

We also have various new characters, including one named Kirie who was really awesome and had a great ability (though one that could also be abused/blocked, I am kind of worried about that).
And we have a new enemy, well not entirely new, but we finally meet with him, and dear Lord, he is creepy. I don’t want to get on his (bad) side. *shivers*

The art is once again pretty and there is a lot of details flying around.

All in all, highly recommended and I can’t wait until the next volume comes out!


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