Review for Valentine’s Day of the Undead

Review for Valentine’s Day of the Undead

21745388Re-read of the paperback. I needed a book for my US challenge, and I found out Megan’s story takes place in Arkansas, a state I didn’t have on my list yet.

As I said in the tiny review for the paperback, I am hoping for a 3rd book or even more books. However, it has been 4 years now since this book came out and my hope is getting less and less. I know, there have been series were it took ages for a book to come out, and I will keep hoping, but I think eventually, if there is no news or anything at all, that I will just forget about this series. Which would be sad, as I really liked this series the first time I read it.

The only reason I rated this lower than the previous book was because I still remembered what happened in this book, even though it has been almost 2 years since I last read it. This is also a big reason why I barely re-read. I remember most details and endings of books as soon as I start re-reading them. I sometimes even remember them before I open the book. Just the blurb can be enough. Which at times is annoying, but I am also kind of happy with it.

This book was fun. I really missed Megan and her stupidity. Yes, stupidity. She is hunted by many, everyone wants her blood. Zombies rise from their graves due to her powers, and yet she runs away without protection to meet her man. Yes, she puts herself in big danger (and everyone around her), all because she wants to find her man and kiss and do stuff with him. It is a trait that annoyed me in the books. I would be shouting: NOOOOO, don’t do it! Nooooo, don’t go, it is obviously a trap! But she never hears me (of course), and just barges head first in the problems.
But, she is also awesome and kick-ass. I really love that she has both Settler and Witch powers, she makes one awesome character with these skills, though I wish she would learn to control them better. I am sure, with enough practising, that she could be the most powerful in the world.

I really like Ethan and I am happy with the events happening in this book. I won’t spoil anything, as this all happens near the end.

I will keep hoping for a new part, especially with the events that happened near the end in this book. There is still so much to tell, so much to do. Megan is not safe yet, there are still baddies to be defeated. Her dad needs to be found and so many other things. So many questions that remain unanswered, so much action that still needs to be done.

I would really recommend this series to everyone. In need for zombies? For a bit of romance? Then try this series out.


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