Review for Zali Luna: Movie Star

Review for Zali Luna: Movie Star

24739480I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Wow, this was a great book. Honestly, it was. I was at first a bit worried about the length. With only 127 pages, I was worried that things would be skipped or rushed, but no, nothing like that. We have everything. A good beginning, a great middle part and a gorgeous ending that made me cheer (oh and sniffle a bit).

Zali (I really liked her name), was a great main character. She was funny, and a typical teenager. Worrying about boys, about kisses (a bit too much though), about her work as an actress, but she was also professional. Because, unlike her rival Emma, she was (and I was surprised, this is her first job and she wasn’t always sure what to do) professional. She never complained, she never whined, and while Emma’s comments hurt her, she confided in people. She didn’t go and cry to the director. She just went on with her things. Sometimes even making small little remarks (nothing harmful though, more like silly things) to Emma.
There was just one thing I didn’t entirely like. And that was how Zali was at times. She is said to be 16, but at times she felt more like 13. Her obsession with kisses for example, but also how she acted at times. But this was truly the only thing that I didn’t totally like about the book.
Zali was a great actress and I am sure she will make it far in the business should she want to continue with this career.
I am also glad that she grew up, that she saw what she was doing was harmful to Harry and made a wonderful decision.

And that brings me to Harry, ah Harry. Harry was wonderful. He wasn’t always making the smartest decisions, but I knew he cared a lot about Zali. I loved how he tried to learn her surf. It was a nice little change of scenery and it gave us a chance to learn more about Harry. I knew he was the right guy (for any girl).

Emma was the only character I truly disliked. Dear lord, that attitude. She kept pushing herself in front of everything, much to the annoyance of a lot of people. It amazes me that the director kept her. I would have fired her. Sorry that you didn’t get your big role, but no need to be a total bitch about everything. Even near the end (and with all that happened) she was still mean and rude to Zali. I don’t think Emma will get far with attitude, she is creating her own downfall right now. Someone, somewhere, with a lot of influence will make sure she won’t have a career any more should she continue with this attitude of not letting other people having the spotlight.

The story itself was wonderful, I really enjoyed the various scenes that took place on the set. It was fun to read about trailers, make-up artists, the long waits, the outfits and about the movie scenes that they played out. I loved the director of the movie and also various other people that helped the cast out.
Of course, next to the whole movie thing we also have dates, kisses, romance and some homework/school stuff. After all Zali is still 16 and still in school. And I really liked that it was added. Instead of just focussing on the movie, the author decided to go for a more broader scope and I think this helped the characters a lot. They got more dimension this way, and the story was just so much more fun.

Ah, just one last thing before I end the review. I loved, ADORED the ending. I was so happy. I won’t spoil anything, but this book truly has a perfect ending. It was so sweet, so cute and so wonderful.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. In need for a fluffy read? Or seeking a book about an upcoming movie star? Or seeking a book with romance? Then this is your book. You might sometimes want to shake Zali a bit because her obsession with kissing is so huge, but you will also love her to bits.


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