Cover Reveal Time ~ Don’t Call Me Kit Kat

Cover Reveal Time ~ Don’t Call Me Kit Kat

Hiya everyone!

I have with me a wonderful cover for a new book that is coming out very soon. Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for this great opportunity, I am really delighted that I can reveal this cover.

But, before I will reveal it let me tell you the book blurb first. 🙂

Junior high is where things really start to happen. Cliques form and break apart. Couples are made and destroyed. And a reputation is solidified that you won’t ever be able to escape. Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters.

Katie Mills knows that. She gets it. That’s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school. And why she was so devastated when those efforts found her detained for shoplifting and laughed out of cheer squad tryouts.

But Katie has more to worry about than just fitting in. Her parents are divorced and always fighting. Her sister never has time for her. And her friends all seem to be drifting apart. Even worse? The boy she has a crush on is dating the mean girl at school.

Everything is a mess, and Katie doesn’t feel like she has control over any of it. Certainly not over her weight, which has always topped out at slightly pudgier than normal—at least, according to her mother.

So when she happens to catch one of the popular girls throwing up in the bathroom one day, it sparks an idea. A match that quickly engulfs her life in flames.

Is there any going back once she gets started down this path?

And would she even want to if she could?

Now, are you ready for the reveal. Yes? Then here we go!

The book is set to come out on May 15th 2015, so that is quite soon. The book is YA Contemporary, so I am sure it will be attractive to a whole lot of people, and that cover! Isn’t it just lovely. I really like how everyone else is blurred out and the focus is on that one girl on the stairs.

The last things I will be giving is some information on the author: K.J. Farnham and some links to the book and also to Xpresso Book Tours.

unnamed (1)Born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, K.J. Farnham was a teacher for 12 years and became a freelance writer in 2012. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee and a master’s degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, Winconsin. A sequel to “Click Date Repeat” is in the works, and she plans to publish her next novel, “Don’t Call Me Kit Kat”, in spring 2015.

She likes hearing from readers, so if you want to connect her, try these links below!

 Her website!
Goodreads Page

And lastly, the button to the wonderful Xpresso Book Tours that arranged this all.


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