Review for 25 Roses

Review for 25 Roses

22546635Boring and clichéd story, horrendous characters. Bleh, what a disappointment.

Mia was just so-so. I didn’t like her attitude. She was so nice in the beginning of the book, thinking of her classmates, thinking how she could make them happy, but then everything went spiralling down. I didn’t entirely like how she treated friends, how she just couldn’t say no in a normal way.
I also didn’t like how she looked at people like they could potentially damage her zero existent reputation. I really hate girl or boys who do that, who treat people like this. Who are afraid to damage their reputation just by sitting with people who aren’t the popular/awesome crowd. Who cares that you sit with these people. Oh wait, the magical invisible court of school people. rolls eyes

Ashleigh, gosh I really disliked her. Seriously, what kind of friend are you? OH BOOOHOOOO, my best friend is shopping with another girl, and sure she lied, but sorry, why do you ALWAYS have to be around? Can’t your friend just have fun/shop with someone else without having to tell you, or without you having to be there? What is the big deal? And how she tried to break up Sun and Mia, it was just disgusting.

Alex was also just horrendous. I didn’t like his attitude.

Sun was nice, and I liked that she wanted to change, but then the dramarama started and I just got tired of her.

Kaylee, bleh, I dislike her kind of girl. The popular, oh my gosh everyone must love me or else type.

There was so much unnecessary drama in this book, it was just pathetic and I just wanted to dump the book. However, I just kept hoping that maybe, just maybe, the book would get better. It didn’t. :\

And all the “OMG I like this boy, does he like me? Oh, Mia, make it happen.” was just hilariously bad.

Also why is everyone so mad at Mia for doing something like this? Seriously, she thought of you guys, she thought you would be happy and all you guys do is bitch at her? What the fuck. Ungrateful little pieces of poop. I would be delighted to have someone buy me a rose, I would be delighted even after finding out it wasn’t a secret admirer but instead someone who CARED about me and about the others. Who wanted to see me happy.
I really don’t see why it was such a big deal. Why she had to apologize and make things right. Seriously, what is up with the world.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book.


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