Review for 3 Gatsu no Lion Vol.1

Review for 3 Gatsu no Lion Vol.1

19094673I was looking for a new manga to start (yes, I know, I have enough other manga to still read!), and I found this one.

It is from the same mangaka who also made Honey and Clover, and you can clearly see that in this manga. At times I had to remind me that this isn’t Honey and Clover, that this is a totally new manga. A manga about a totally different topic, but with the same amounts of drama.

The manga is at times a bit confusing, what happened to our main character? How did he get to know the 3 sisters and their grandpa? Why is our main character all alone? But, these questions are all answered, with each passing chapter we find out more and more about him and about the once around him. Because he isn’t the focus alone. We also see his rival and how he feels, we meet with the 3 sisters and their loss, everyone we meet is a character who is important.
In the later parts we finally get answers to what happened to our main characters parents. Dear Lord. Poor boy. :\

I don’t really like Shougi, I am not a big sports fan in general, but still it was interesting, mostly because so far in this volume we only had a few parts with Shougi.

Our main character was a wonderful guy and I am really interested in seeing him grow, to see him get stronger and for him to open up his heart to others.

I loved the 3 sisters, they were so lovely and so interesting. I loved how they interacted with each other and with others around them. Though, I have the confess, I thought the older sister was the mom for quite some time (yes, I know even when they said the mom died). The way she acts and how she looks, she is just so motherly, which is logical if the mom died some years ago (which I am guessing is how long it has been).

The illustrations are gorgeous (as expected from the person who drew/made Honey and Clover) and I really love the expressions on people, at times they are so hilariously exaggerated.

Oh and I have to give bonus points for the animals. It was so hilarious to see them “talk”/”think”, to see their little comments (the cats when they wanted foods, the dogs when they were enthusiastic).

This is the kind of manga that will make you cry, it will make you smile, it will make you feel all kinds of emotions, and I would highly recommend people will try this one out.


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