Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.3

Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.3

22609120This will be a short review.

I really love this series, but I just notice that it is less fun to read the manga when you already have seen the story animated. It just lacks the fun, the voices and so much more suddenly. Most of this book is also animated by now, only one part seemed new and I was delighted to see it.

In this volume we have the last part of the school trip, a new transfer student, a revenge plan and more. It was all great fun, I especially liked the revenge plan, and the ending of that chapter was hilarious. I can only imagine the wrath he will get from his fellow classmates.

Ritsu, the new character, is a great character, and I was worried we would lose her, but instead she was smart and survived. I can’t wait to see more about her. Hopefully she can still grow a bit more.

Koro-sensei, I am just laughing when thinking of him. He is hilarious, funny and a great teacher, but at times he scares the wits out of everyone. He can be pretty scary. We also find out some more about him in this volume and I appreciate it was added. It is still something that is unfamiliar. How did Koro-sensei become what he is today? What happened to him? I hope we will slowly find out.

We are also slowly learning more and more about the other teachers and also about the students.

The art is great and I really enjoy it. I like how the characters are drawn, they really pop of the pages.


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