Review for Girl’s Ride

Review for Girl’s Ride

25418246I love bikes/motorcycles and when I heard this book featured girls on bikes/motorcycles, I was interested. Add to that the fact that it had romance and two girls slowly growing towards each other, and I was sold. 🙂

Sadly, while the motorcycles/bikes are indeed overly present, the whole romance thing fell short. There was some stuff happening, but mostly it was one-sided, and in the end nothing really happened. Which is a shame.

I really liked the characters, though I liked the black-haired girl more than the blonde girl. The black-haired girl was just more down to earth, while the other girl was clumsy and a bit awkward at times.

I loved their trips with the bikes, it was gorgeous to see the bikes in action and it was fun seeing the landscapes change from city/town to more rural and eventually forests and mountains.

The illustrations were gorgeous and I really loved them. The mangaka is truly great at drawing bikes. 🙂 Though they could make the humans look better. Especially some parts of them. For instance they sometimes have enormous buts. Which just looks strange.

I didn’t particularly like the ending, I just had hoped for a more conclusive ending, with some romantic stuff happening, instead I got an open ending with nothing conclusive on whether or not they are actually together or if it is still one-sided.

Would I recommend this one? Yes, if you like bikes and like seeing 2 girls make trips on bikes.


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