Review for Girls und Panzer: Little Army Vol.1

Review for Girls und Panzer: Little Army Vol.1

20945100I watched the anime for this (no, I didn’t particularly like it), and I was curious as to how it all began. How did Miho start with Tanks, how she made friends and so much more.

This manga was really interesting, I really liked Miho in this one. How she quickly made friends, how she tried to befriend other people as well, even though they were quite grumpy. The first trip in a tank was interesting, though I am doubting the brains of the girl who tried to just climb down the tank to grab a shoe. Couldn’t she have gone from another side or asked for help?
It was really interesting to find out more about Miho, about her past and her friendships. I am really curious as to how it will end (though I believe we kind of know what happened back there thanks to the anime).

I didn’t like the girl with pigtails from Germany. I don’t mind a bit of deredere, but this is just annoying. I also didn’t like her attitude towards Maho, Miho’s sister. I know, your big sister is the rival of Maho. But that still doesn’t make your attitude right. At least get to know her before you bitch in front of her sister about her. Especially if you know how Miho feels about her sister.

I am also not entirely sure what to make of that Hitomi girl. She was nice, but I didn’t like how she tended to drop stuff when she lost interest in it. It was good to see her struggle and try to be better about stuff, try to keep the interest in something, but I am still worried one day she will just give up or find something more interesting to like.

The art was great, I loved the character designs and the tanks were beautifully drawn.

I would recommend this manga, though I am not particularly sure about the order of stuff. While this is kind of a prequel, you might also miss some hints and stuff if you didn’t check out the other stuff.


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