Review for Guilty

Review for Guilty

2500999Wow, this was just bad. The main character wasn’t that likeable and with everything happening in the last part I just disliked the book more.

I felt sorry for Katie, that she had to lose her boyfriend like that, but what she did after seemed a bit extreme. I can imagine that she would want to be active and keep the evil thoughts at bay, but can’t she also see that it might just look weird for her to party around while everyone else is mourning/sad? And can’t she imagine that people might get angry with her?
Throughout most of the book I was confused with Katie. Was someone really targeting her? Or was she just delusional? After all she had quite a traumatic experience.
But that was the trouble with this book. It was just too confusing and around the middle I just thought Katie was crazy.

Luckily the ending part explains everything to us, and that is also the most exciting part, where we finally find out who did it and why and what. That was also the part that saved this book from a 1 star. The ending was quite awesome, though a bit too unbelievable at times. At it made me dislike the other characters some more.

I also didn’t particularly like any of the other characters. At first I liked Brownie, but as the book continues it was quite clear that there was trouble in paradise. The other characters were bleh. Mostly because they either didn’t seem to care, or cared to much, or thought that Katie was just delusional/crazy. It was a bit too conflicting, I wished they would have made up their minds. It also didn’t help Katie that one time they were acting like she was nuts, while the other time she was treated like she was fragile and needed hugs.

There were enough scary moments, but with how Katie acts, I wasn’t always sure if they were real, and that took away some of the creepiness/scariness. Which is a shame.

The perpetrator (Of course, I won’t give names.) was a sick person, and while I had some suspicions, it still came as a surprise it was that person.
Normally I can deduct quite well who the perpetrator is, but with this book? Nope, everyone was guilty, everyone was a suspect. Even the main character.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book. And I hope to find the other books in this series someday. I still got a few I haven’t found/read.


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