Review for Happy Again

Review for Happy Again

25116648This one slipped under my radar, I am so happy to find out about it and be able to read it.

Ellie and Graham are back! Well, at first it is mostly Ellie, how she is at college, there are flashbacks to the summer of a year ago (yes, that is how long it has been!) and then we meet Graham again and the fun starts. The story was short, but I enjoyed it and it made me swoon and feel very happy.

Ellie, ah Ellie. I liked her, but she is so insecure, and so socially awkward at times that I just wanted to shake her. Show her that she has a wonderful roommate and wonderful people who care about her. And sure, there are differences between them, but dear Lord, wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was like you? Just accept their invitations and live a little. Not everyone can go to college, or live the college experience (for instance I would love to go to college in the US, it sounds like great fun to live in dorms and such). Instead quite a bit off the book was about her insecurities, her worries and how she felt. It wasn’t what I wanted to read about. What I wanted to read about was her and Graham’s relationship (?).

Graham was wonderful again, though I wish he would have made time to visit Ellie, unlike Ellie he should have enough means and money to make a small visit. And yes, I know he is busy, but I am sure he can be free for a little bit to visit her.

I loved how easily they fell back to how they were in the summer. How easily they talked again and how it felt (for me) like instead of a year it was just a small space of time between things.

The ending was beautiful and I do hope that they will be able to keep it up. It would be a shame if all this was for nothing.

All in all, I would really recommend this one and also the previous book to everyone.


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