Review for Himawari-san Vol.1 and Vol.2

Review for Himawari-san Vol.1 and Vol.2

18873669This is a review for Volume 1 and 2.

I was looking for a manga about a book store and I found this one! It also has some Shoujo-ai, but it is mostly focussed on Ms. Sunflower (as she is called due to the name of the store) and how she came in possession of the store and also more on her backstory.

But that is not all, this book is really relaxing and perfect if you need something to just read and enjoy. Ms. Sunflower is a wonderful character, she is a bit stiff and at times more like a doll than a human, but with each chapter, and each encounter with new people, you can see her open up more and more. Finding out that people really like her and that they care about her. We found that out in the 2nd volume, when, during a trip around the block to find a cellphone, she comes past stores and all the people are delighted to see her and give her presents and food. It was really beautiful, and I loved the expression of confusion and also of happiness that formed on Ms. Sunflower’s face.

Not only is she the book store’s owner, she also tries to help out people. With books, but also with problems. She does her best to make people happy. I was really sad to find out her backstory, she hasn’t had the easiest of lives, but she came out so much stronger.

Then we have Matsuri, a girl who is quite annoying, but still a fun girl. I loved how she went from not reading much, and pretty much an idiot, to a smarter girl who is trying to read a book without headaches or falling asleep. I am so happy to see her change. I was worried she would just hop around and stalk Ms. Sunflower.

In the first book there is still a lot of distance between Ms. Sunflower and Matsuri, but with the second volume, you can see they are growing closer and closer. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next volumes. Hopefully more books and maybe some romance.

The art is absolutely beautiful! There are many 1 page drawings that show us the characters or the book store. I would like to see some more of those as I can just get lost in all the details.

I would highly recommend this manga to all. Especially to us bookworms.


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