Review for Lumberjanes Vol.1

Review for Lumberjanes Vol.1

22554204Wow, this was a disappointment.

I had heard many people who were raving about this comic, saying it was great. Well, after reading this volume (which combines the first 4 chapters), I can honestly say this: It sucks.

Starting with the first chapter you just get thrown head first in the story. No explanations, no nothing. Now, I don’t normally mind it that much, as long as the rest of the book explains some stuff. Tells us about the characters and all the other introduction stuff. But, that doesn’t happen in this book. We just get thrown in a story, and then we are being told: Have fun! Which I didn’t. It felt odd and strange, and thanks to the whole getting thrown in story, I also couldn’t connect with the characters. Though, that wasn’t only the story’s fault. That was also the fault of the zero character development. By the end the book, I only knew one name and to whom it belonged. Ripley. Dear Lord, that was just such an annoying and urgh character. The book could have done with out her/him/it.

Other than that, I was confused throughout the whole book. So this camp has all kinds of supernatural beings surrounding it? Why? How? Isn’t that dangerous? Why do these kids go out and kick ass? Are they some sort of superhero team? Or something else that is special? What is up with the boss of the camp? Why is that camp counsellor thingie so bleh?
I was glad that the book was short and that I could read it while having a quick break. I think if the book was any longer I would have dropped it instantly. No story? No backstory? No character development? Yay, bye bye. But now, it is still bad, but I could just go on with it, knowing it will end soon.

The art and the idea of such a camp saved the book from a 0 stars. The art was great and I really loved it. It was colourful and dynamic. The idea of a camp filled with supernatural beings was another reason why I wanted to read this one, sad to see that nothing was explained. :\

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone.


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