Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates A Cupcake Conundrum

Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates A Cupcake Conundrum

17587007Wow, this was once again a wonderful volume in this series. We have cheating, baking competitions and mysteries!

Our main character Mariella is great again, though I didn’t always like how she treated her brother. Sure, he is annoying, and a pest and should just disappear, but I wish she would treat him with a little bit more love.
But, she is great with her friends. Trying to help one of them out when they have a competition going on. Trying to prevent a meltdown (since Violet is known for them).
It was great to see her try to solve the mystery, getting confused and then finding a big hint/clue to the mystery and solving it all.

I didn’t know who did it until Mariella found that one clue. Normally, I have already found out who did it and all that, but I was also confused and thought it was this person, but quite soon there were hints that that person couldn’t have been it, they were around our main characters for some time, even when stuff went wrong.

The actual culprit? It was awesome, I really liked it and it gave a whole new twist to the story.

The baking competition? I loved it. It was interesting to have something else going on but mysteries (don’t get me wrong, I love mysteries, but something different is also great fun). And I was just cheering for Violet to win, she made some great food, even though she lost that item and was on the verge of a few meltdowns a few times.

The illustrations are still great and they still make the story even better. I loved the illustrations of the cakes, my stomach was rumbling when I saw them. 🙂

All in all, another part in the series that I would highly recommend.


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