Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates The Ghostly Guinea Pig

Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates The Ghostly Guinea Pig

17587006Finally I have the whole series (well… the books that are out currently) and I can read it.

So this is how it all started! While the Spaghetti Yeti book told us some stuff, and also made it seem that you don’t need knowledge about the previous books, I still was very curious as to how it all began. In this book our gang takes on a case, a very spooky case. The case of the Ghostly Guinea Pig! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard that correctly. Ghostly + Guinea Pigs. Scaring people (Though why would people be scared of such cute little ghosts?), leaving trails everywhere and more.

I really loved the mystery and trying to solve it, a reason why I love these kind of books, they let you solve the mystery alongside of the characters. There is casefiles, witness reports, small hints dropped throughout the book and more. It was great fun to puzzle all the parts together and see if we could find out why there were glowing guinea pigs going through the town of Puddleford. Unlike the Spaghetti monster where I found out what was going on and who the culprit was, this one was a bit trickier. I knew the secret to the guinea pigs soon, but I didn’t know how and what until near the end when I had some suspicions. The ending was fun though and I really had a laugh at what the solution to the whole thing was. 🙂

Mariella is a great character, smart and brave and I like her friends too. I don’t like her brother that much. He was quite annoying and I just wanted to erase him from the story. I wish Mariella’s parents kept a closer eye on that annoying little brat.

I loved the Mystery HQ, it is not often that you read about girls having a mystery headquarters in a tree house.

The illustrations were once again great and enhanced the story to make it seem even more fun. I really liked the young sleuth pages in-between the story and also all the other little illustrations that dotted the pages.

This is one book I would really recommend to all. If you are looking for a book about mystery with a wonderful character, then I would say that you should try this one out.


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