Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates The Huge Hair Scare

Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates The Huge Hair Scare

21370935While still a good book, this one was my least favourite so far (together with the Pampered Poodle book).

This was mostly because of the whole whodunnit was so unclear (though also clear, if that makes sense) and also the whole OMG it might be aliens stuff. Don’t get me wrong, aliens are interesting, but I had hoped that this book would have quickly dropped the whole maybe it is aliens shtick they had.

And now for the unclear, but yet clear thing. Because I already had big suspicions from a certain point, while Mariella and her Mystery Girls took ages to finally find it out. It just got annoying that they couldn’t decide or didn’t find it out until later. :\

Mariella was still a nice character and I really like her, though again, the whole Alien stuff she believed in was just highly silly. I know, she is 9, but she is also trying to be a detective, solving real cases.

The cloud thing and the hair changing stuff was fun. It was really great to see how everyone’s hair changed from normal to some abstract piece of art. Too bad the illustrations are black and white, it would have been fun to see the hair in the various colours it was described.

The last part was just a bit silly and over-the-top. Also a reason why I didn’t particularly like this book all the way.

All in all, I would still recommend the book, because it is still a good book, but it just had some things that were lacking.


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