Review for Mariella Mystery investigates: The Spaghetti Yeti

Review for Mariella Mystery investigates: The Spaghetti Yeti

978-1444012309A wonderful, cute and mysterious book!

It is not that often that I instantly fall in love with a book or a character. But with Mariella Mystery and her gang of friends? I did. From page one to the last page I was in love. The book made me laugh, it made me curious and I really loved figuring out the mystery (though I knew who the Yeti was around halfway point, but you can never know if that is certain. I have read enough books with plottwists).

Mariella is a fantastic character, she is smart, she is funny and she is a wonderful friend. And also a typical sister. Not entirely liking her younger brother or his friends. Though I can imagine why, it seems he is also making a detective agency and I can imagine how annoying that is when you also have made one.

I loved the mystery, and I loved how our main character and her friends went to investigate, sure they were afraid and at times didn’t really want to go into the scary woods, but they still did things. They still tried their best. The motive the Yeti had was an olden goldie, but still a great motive. And our girls solved the mystery! Another amazing thing is that people actually and really believed our trio of girls. I have read enough books in which little kids get dismissed, even when they solved something, so I was absolutely delighted that they got the credit they deserved in this book!

The Yeti was delightfully silly and a tiny bit scary. Though mostly funny, what Yeti eats/steals spaghetti? Any kind of it, even just stealing a whole pan of hot spaghetti and walking away with it.

Of course we don’t only have Yetis or mysteries or investigations, we also have a vacation and an actual problem going around.

The illustrations (yes, there are illustrations!) were gorgeous and really complimented the book, making it even more fun to read it.

I would highly recommend this book, oh and don’t worry. You don’t really need to have read the first books in this series. I was a bit worried about that when I found out that this book is book 5, but you can easily read this without the rest of the books.
Of course, I bought all the other books (my library only has this book and another book in the series) and I hope they are all as much fun as this one was.


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