Review for Material Girls

Review for Material Girls

22749847I will just make a good/bad review, though it will mostly be a bad points review as I didn’t like the book.

Good things:

-I really liked the world and the idea that kids could get picked for a job that normally adults only would get.

-The cover was awesome and was also the first thing that lured me into this book.

-Interesting side-characters. I really like Felix and how he went from dickface to a great character. Vivienne was nice, but too much of a cliché and a stereotype (Wearing black/wanting uniforms for everyone, emo, blablabla).

Bad things:

-First of all, I didn’t like the POV switches. Normally I don’t mind multiple POVs, if they are done correctly, and I feel that the ones in this book aren’t really done correctly. Marla’s POV is I did this and I spoke. While Ivy is all Ivy did this and She did that. It was just a bit too confusing and I didn’t particularly like it.

-The book had a great start, but sadly it crashed near the middle and then the ending ruined the book more (will be discussed more in the next part).

-The ending was horrendous. Nothing was resolved????? They had a huge big thing (that took years to start), and then oh, well that is a shame we didn’t win. Let’s start our own company. And in case of Ivy, let’s just be a drugged up mess again and just follow what my publishers and other boss-like people have to say, because I WANT TO BE A STARRRRRRRR. *rolls eyes*
It also was cause for anger, as I really pushed myself through the book in the hopes that when we ACTUALLY would get to the whole strike/boo to the big man part, it would be epic. Sadly, it turned out a disappointment so big that I just want to throw with the book.

-For big chunks of the book, there was just nothing happening, and so I will just stick to what I have thought quite a lot of times: The book could have been shorter. Maybe 50 to 70 pages and it would have gotten higher points from me.

-The whole resistance thing took ages and I was just sick and tired of it. The last part was just unbelievable and meh.

-Marla was a so-so character, I didn’t like how she kept holding on to her job, even when it was clear stuff was wrong and things should be fixed within the industry. Ivy was meh and I didn’t care about her much. She was slightly boring. But had a better attitude about stuff than Marla. But wtf happened with her near the end? That was sooooo weak and annoying and it made me hate her so much. All the love that I felt for her, all the times she was fighting, all wasted. :\ I hate it when this happens.

-What is up with all the drug use? These are 13 to 17 year olds we are talking about. WTH. They are taking these things like it is candy…. I was a bit disturbed by this. That apparently no one minded it much.

-I would have liked to see more of the world. Now mostly the focus was on Marla + Fashion or Ivy + Entertainment business. I wish we could have seen some more outside of that those 2.

-What stuff can you be tapped in? So far I saw stuff about Entertainment business, Fashion and Gaming. But I am sure there are more. Where are they? What are they? Or is it only the Creative business part? I just have too many questions and too little information.

-Those tap profiles. How do they work? Why do some people get picked and others not? What are the requirements? Even more questions that kept popping up as we progressed through the story.

-I didn’t see the need to add Skip to the book. He was mentioned quite a bit of time, but nothing was really done with it. I am not even sure if we ever found out what happened to him (I read the book, but sorry, I just blocked stuff out after a while).

-Karen/mom/Mother. Pick one, don’t just say things like: “My mom called”, and then call her Karen the next part. Soooo confusing. At times I was thinking Karen and the mother were two different people.

-All that Eco this and Eco that got annoying, it felt like too much and not fitting. On the one hand we have Marla fighting for something, and then Ivy on the other. :\ It would have been nicer if they had worked together on one goal. Not multiple ones.

-K.U.T is a nice thing… but um, in my language kut means vagina, in a not so nice way. Kind of like a curse word. So I was kind of snickering and sighing at the same time over the multitude that this acronym past by.

All in all, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. The premise sounded great and I was really looking forward to reading the book. I love books about Fashion and the Entertainment world, and having the promise of stuff gone wrong was delicious. Sadly, it was just not meant to be.


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