Review for Monsters Love Underpants

Review for Monsters Love Underpants

23102725I am so glad that I found this book in my library!

Who knew that monsters love underpants this much? I didn’t, and I really love the idea. Though it makes the monsters a bit less scary, knowing that they are wearing bright, stripy or jewelled underpants. I am not sure what I would do if I would encounter a monster with an underpants. I would probably snort and laugh, or maybe comment on his fashionable underpants (should he wear one).

I really loved seeing all the various monsters. We got swamp monsters, dungeon monsters, but also space monsters! They all wear various kinds of underwear. It was fun, I especially loved the undersea monsters who took from treasures and put the jewels on their underpants! And then of course there is a disco party (as expected! Great underpants need to shiny, so let’s dance!).

The illustrations were really great, colourful, bright and fun to look at. The monsters look a bit scary at times, but mostly they look cute and funny. I am sure kids won’t be so frightened when reading this book, if anything they laugh their pants off. 🙂

Ah, the sentences rhyme, so that makes the book really fun to read aloud.

I would recommend this to everyone, kids and adults will love this book. And maybe monsters won’t be so scary for little kids who are afraid of them after reading this book.


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