Review for My Little Monster Vol.7

Review for My Little Monster Vol.7

22570822This was once again a cute/drama-filled volume.

This time we got Shizuku who is trying to put more effort in Haru. Haru gets an unexpected confession (well…. unexpected for him, he was totally oblivious). There is Natsume drama (both school and in love) and then a big event, our group is moving to class 2 in school! There was so much that happened and I really enjoyed everything, well maybe the whole Natsume stuff a bit less.

That is mostly because I saw it coming and I was hoping that it wouldn’t take such a prominent space. Don’t get me wrong. Natsume is a nice girl, but such an idiot and she makes drama out of everything, it just gets a bit annoying. Yes, a broken heart is bad, but sorry, I am totally agreeing with Shizuku. School is more important now, especially since you are such an idiot and almost had to repeat a year.

Haru x Shizuku, I am not sure, I still love them together, and I love seeing them grow more and more. But it is also so frustrating. They barely kiss or show much affection, at times I am wondering if they are truly together. I know every pair is different, but this is a manga, and I would have hoped for more romance. They have been together for several volumes now. Kiss, hug, love each other for once!

Oh and plus points to the mom!

The art is still one of my favourites, at times the characters look sooooo pretty.

All in all, I would highly recommend this volume to everyone. We got 5 volumes to go (and 1 bonus, if Kodansha also releases that one), let’s hope for some romance.


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