Review for Off The Wall

Review for Off The Wall

16074916I am not really sure what to rate this. On the one hand it was good and I think it deserves at least 4 stars, however, with Megan being a total paranoid whiny brat I don’t want to give more than 3 stars.

And Megan was really the only big problem I had with the book, she was so annoying and whiny that it just ruined it for me. She kept seeing things that weren’t there, complained, whined about anything and everything and ruined things for everyone else. She even broke stuff, because in her fear she stumbled backwards. This is not the only situation, there are many situations with Megan which annoyed me (and thankfully it seems that most of the characters were also highly annoyed with Megan’s behaviour). I don’t get why Megan was added, or what role she really played except annoy the living daylights out of people.
I was also delighted when we came to the walking around + searching for a mummy part. No more Megan! Sadly, it wasn’t long before she popped up and started crying/whining/whimpering/half screaming/complaining all the time again.

Jane, and also Lucy, were great characters and I really liked them all. Jane was a bit afraid, but she felt so real, because she also showed bravery and also showed that she cared about people. Lucy was the brave one, the one who took on every dare and wasn’t afraid (of much). She was really interesting.

Of course, I didn’t approve of what they did. Wandering around the museum at night is one thing, but dropping and touching precious stuff? Just no. That is just not good, I do hope they were honest in the end.

The story wasn’t that creepy, I wouldn’t give it a 4 out 5 on the creep-o-meter. More like 2 or maybe 1.5. There were some parts that made my heart race a bit, but not a lot. Which is a shame, I had expected something grand and creepy to happen.

Though that ending, it was perfect. For once we didn’t get a boring open ending, or something strange happening that wasn’t explained. No, instead we get a twist, but it is explained and it was good. I won’t spoil anything, just that you probably won’t see it coming. 🙂

All in all, a decent book, but Megan just ruined a lot of the story with her constant whining. I would still recommend it, but just be warned that you might want to erase Megan from the story.


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