Review for The Haunting Hour ~Chills in the Dead of Night~

Review for The Haunting Hour ~Chills in the Dead of Night~

176556Out of the 10 stories, I liked 8 of them, so I am rating this 4 stars.

The book was pretty great, the stories are typical R.L. Stine though, and they often also have such an ending. The two stories I didn’t like (and one I skipped) were How to Bargain with a dragon and Losers.
I didn’t care for Dragon stories in this one, it just didn’t feel fitting and I also wasn’t interested in it, so I skipped it. The other one was Losers, I felt disgusted throughout most of the story, especially nearing the end. It was just horrific. And while I am all for teaching kids a lesson, this one was just too much, too horrific and too traumatic for anyone.

The other stories were great. I really liked The Halloween Dance and Are we there yet? With a good mention to My Imaginary Friend. All of these had good endings and in case of Are we there yet?, an ending I didn’t see coming. That was a really fun one.

Each story is accompanied by one (2 page) illustration and also with an introduction with some information about the story or how the story was made. I really liked that these were added, they gave extra dimension to the book and at times made it a bit more scary.

But, like I said, quite a few of these stories have the typical R.L. Stine ending. Something happens, things are solved, but are they???? And at times I was just a bit annoyed with them. I just want the story to end, not have some kind of cliffhanger.

All in all though, I would really recommend this one to everyone. Be prepared to be scared. These stories are perfect if you have a short break and want to read something, each story is around 10 to 20 pages, so you can just read on and then continue with whatever you were doing.


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