Review for The Island of Dr. Libris

Review for The Island of Dr. Libris

22856146This was a magical and wonderful book, though due to the ending (I was not satisfied) I will deduct one star.

Billy was a wonderful, imaginative boy, throughout the story I couldn’t really find a flaw in him. Except, maybe his love for tv/computers and such, and not really caring much about books at first. Sure, I know, this is what kids these days often are, but I was still hoping for something different. Luckily, Billy changes, grows up and finds out what a magical thing imagination is. Finds out what his imagination can do.
And unlike some book, Billy uses his imagination for fun, but also to help out his parents. Which was a really sweet and heartwarming thing to do.
I liked how he was at first afraid, but then got braver, smarter and better at it all and found out he didn’t have to be afraid. He made some wonderful friends and he knows he can call them any time he wants (after all, they are from a book).

Walter was the second character, who became more and more important as the story progresses. With the help of several factors, he can also conjure stuff, just like Billy. However, it is with the help of several factors, which is different from Billy.
I think Walter made a perfect sidekick, he was there for Billy, he helped him out, he tried to find stuff to use and a whole lot more. They are great friends and I hope that even after this book, and all the events that passed, that they will stay good friends.

I didn’t particularly like Alyssa or Dr. Libris or the bullies. Alyssa was mostly because she was so annoying. I know, I know, she is 5 years old, but come on. I was really glad to find out her role was very very limited and that she barely was around.
Dr. Libris, well I won’t spoil anything, but I hated him and his attitude. At first I had expected him to be a great man, but as the story progressed I saw another side to him. :\
The bullies. Urgh. I just don’t get people at times. I don’t get why no one ever took action against them.

The whole book was a big trip through a lot of classic books. We got Hercules, Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer and so many other characters, all coming alive thanks to Billy. It was great fun seeing them all being mashed up and interacting with each other. Even though they were from different books, different times, they quickly formed a group.

The ending, however, was a big disappointment. So, um, what happens to Dr. Libris? What happens to Billy? What will happen with Dr. Libris his stuff? Is this some kind of hint to a second book? Or is this just how it will end, and screw everyone? I feel like there could be potentially enough material for a second book, however, I am not sure if I would read it.

I loved the whole thing about the parents. The book isn’t only about a summer vacation, about imagination, but also about real problems. The parents aren’t really happy with each other any more. And this is a theme that comes back in the book. I really liked what Billy did at the end. It was really sweet of him to use his powers for that. 🙂

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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