Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom

Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom

25281598Another addicting read in this fun series. Though, I am also kind of sad, as this means I have to wait until a new part comes out (hopefully soon!).

This time the Jolley-Rogers are in trouble, they are lured into a cave and are stuck! I really liked that idea, the idea that a couple of witches lure pirates to a cave with huge mountains of treasure and they can’t move/go away. The reasons why the witches did it was hilarious and fun. I thought they wanted something totally different, but it turned out to be this. Of course, still mean of them to do it like this, but then again, they are witches. 🙂

I really liked Mathilda, she kept trying to find ways to get her friends free, and even tried to help out the witches. Most people would probably have gone running or tried to just talk their way out, but Mathilda actually tried to help the witches, she tried to be nice to them. Mathilda is one stubborn, smart and awesome kid and she is a great friend.

The witches were awesome. I loved how they made rhymes, but how they also talked normally because they didn’t always feel the need to rhyme. I liked their collections, it was fun to see them in their rooms. How each witch had 1 collection and how they formed one big thing.

The ending was fun and I am really happy to see how it ended, hopefully we will see the witches again some day, I want to see how their collections grow and if they turned out to be a bit more kinder to people.

The only thing I didn’t like, and something I also find bothersome in other books/illustration books/comics, is the fact that the people always wear the same outfits, never once deviating from their standard outfit. Hopefully the next book will have some variation in their clothes.

The illustrations are still great and I loved how some of them spanned over 2 pages. It was fun seeing the little details or the expressions on people.

All in all, I would highly recommend this series to everyone.


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