Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon

Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon

21308759I read the picture book: The Pirates Next Door, 8 days ago, and I wrote in my review that I would like to have more books or story about our pirate family.

The publisher posted a comment and told me about these books. Of course, I immediately had to get them, since I really liked the picture book.

The Jolley-Rogers are back in this new book, still with a bunch of illustrations but now with a whole lot more text and story. And it was a great story. There is trouble afoot in Dull-on-Sea, this time the pirates are ghosts! They cause a lot of (hilarious) trouble. People are so paranoid, it is just so funny to see them go to the bank, or try to bury their stuff, just so it might be safe. They do tend to forget that ghosts can just go through stuff like walls and floors.

Mathilda calls the help of the Jolley-Roger family and they are more than willing to help out with the problem. I really enjoyed seeing Mathilda and Jim meet up again, they really are great friends even with the huge distance that is often between them.
And it was delightful to see the whole family again. From the picture book, I thought that the grandpa couldn’t walk any more, but he seems to be walking perfectly fine in this one, just seems mostly lazy.

It was really funny that the key they needed was in such a place. It is a wonder that no one ever found it. Though… then again, it is mostly the best hiding spot when it is so ordinary.

The ghost pirates were pretty creepy and also very mean. Just like pirates are supposed to be. The Jolley-Rogers are also pirates, but I feel like they are more of the kind sort of pirates.

The story was fun, and it has a great ending.

The illustrations were great, I really enjoyed looking at them, they made the book even more awesome and more fun.

Sadly, the books are a quick read, before you know it the book is over! The book is that addicting, I just couldn’t stop reading it.


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