Review for The Pirates Next Door

Review for The Pirates Next Door

aa18b945a60b843c5b73c344c4f96d6eA fun book about a boring little village with strict rules and what happens when pirates drop their anchors and decide to live there for a little while.

I really liked our main character. A little girl, but with a big love for adventure and for fun. She doesn’t mind the pirates (and is the only one in the whole village), she finds them fun, especially their son who is her age. I wish we could have seen some more illustrations of the the two kids bonding and forging a friendship, maybe even adventuring. I would also have liked to see some more of the Pirate family. While we did see some thing, mostly it was about the fact that the pirates were disturbing people. People wanted them gone.

And that was why the book was at times a bit boring. The constant: “Oh noooesss, pirates, we have to get rid of them.” shtick just got bleh. I wish people could have seen that they weren’t that bad. That they didn’t intend to do much harm (not to humans at least).

The last few pages were a disappointment, especially with the clichéd reaction of the adults when stuff happens. It doesn’t really show a good message to kids. Like, Oh hey, you can be bad, but you can bribe people to like you. I know, I know it is a kids book, but generally kids books have messages and generally they tend to be all goody-two-shoes kind of messages. Not the other way around.

The illustrations were gorgeous and I loved that instead of one big picture, or 2 big pictures, we had several pictures forming a story. We even have a fold-out part which is pretty gorgeous.

I do hope we will have more books about this pirate family. I love how they brought their ship with them (like one would bring a speed boat or a smaller boat).

Would I recommend the book? Yes, even with its faults it was a good and interesting book and I had fun reading it.


2 thoughts on “Review for The Pirates Next Door

  1. Thanks for your review! Glad you (mostly) enjoyed the book, and thanks for the constructive comments. You might like to know that there are now three other adventures with this pirate family – The Pirate Cruncher is a similar sized picture book, while The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon is a more substantial story book. Just out (in the UK) is the Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom, another story book adventure.

    1. Hello,

      You’re welcome! Ohh, there are 3 other books about this family? That really makes my day to hear that. I guess I will be getting them soon, since I am really interested in reading more about this Pirate Family (they are so much fun). Thanks for the comment, and also thanks for letting me know about the other books. 🙂
      I hope you have a great day.

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