Review for The Slightly Annoying Elephant

Review for The Slightly Annoying Elephant

815o-HE2d9L._SL1500_A short review. I think I would rather change this book’s title to: The Highly, Super Annoying Elephant and how a Zoo will screw your ass.

Sorry, I had expected something fun, but the book was just annoying. The elephant was acting all high and mighty, like a king. Ruining, breaking, destroying, killing stuff, and not caring one bit about what happened to stuff.
I didn’t like how he looked down on the boy and kept calling him a Silly Boy.

The book was just too much, trying to hard to be funny and in the end ending up not really funny. I did have a few laughs, at the beginning, but as the book continued I just wanted to stop reading it.

I also do wonder where are the parents? I know they have gone shopping, but come on, they have been away for most of the day and apparently are not coming back. Not until their house is completely broken and ruined.

The illustrations were great, and they are also the reason why this book gets a 1 star instead of a 0.5 star.

Would I recommend this book? Mm, not really.


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