Review for The Terrible Two

Review for The Terrible Two

22509955I was looking forward to this book, but in the end it was only a so-so book.

This mostly was the fault of the characters. I didn’t particularly like them, especially Niles was just an annoying creepy kid.

The story was interesting, but it was so easy to see who the prankster was in that school. I won’t spoil anything of course, but let’s just say that it was super easy and I was disappointed that it was that obvious to the readers, but apparently not obvious to Miles, who was quite shocked to see that person standing there.

Miles was a nice character, but I think he went a bit too far with his jokes, and I also didn’t like his cocky personality. Bragging about stuff, acting like he is so awesome. I don’t like that character trait/personality in my characters.

Niles was just a creepy kid, and I didn’t like him from the first time we saw him. Too creepy, too slick, too much bleh.

The principal and his son. Dear Lord, some people shouldn’t be principals. Immediately seeing Miles as a threat, even threatening him quite a few times, not believing him. It was just horrendous.

I expected more from the whole Prank War and afterwards them combining their strengths. I had expected something epic, but then we got that? Seriously, that? It was kind of funny, sure, but nothing special.

All the cow facts also got annoying.

The illustrations were fun, and that is also what saves this book from a 2 star rating.

Would I recommend this book? Not really.


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