Review for There’s Something Out There

Review for There’s Something Out There

11503897This one was pretty great, and I really enjoyed it.

Instead of a magical monster that wants to eat people, there is a whole backstory and history behind it. I really appreciated that the author added this one to the book. I think if it was just a monster and with the typical: “Yeah, it is magical”, I wouldn’t have continued or I would have been bored more. But now? Now I was interested in this so called Marked Monster (who actually has some kind difficult name that kept pulling me out of the book to read aloud). It is kind of creepy, the idea that such a beast lurks outside of the town, lurks in your forests. I would move as soon as I would know about such a legend, and especially after finding records of it being a real thing. shivers

Jenna was decent, but I didn’t always like her. Instead of trusting someone, she held all her fears to herself, which caused her to be super scared and paranoid. Sure, she was brave, but at times I just found her an idiot. An idiot, for not trusting people, for just going outside, even when she knew she was a target. For putting her and her friends in danger.
I think I would rather have had one of her other friends to be the main characters, maybe someone like Maggie, who was more fun and more outgoing.

I am also still curious about that school project she did. What did the teacher think of it? Since it is such a controversial topic, I can imagine that the teacher might not like it much.

The ending was fun, but once again a typical P.J. Night one. Ending with a twist, or ending with an opening so that the story could potentially go on, but you know it will never continue.

The Marked Monster was creepy, and while I had hoped for more appearances, it was already scary at times because of all the sounds, the spooky things that happened in and around Jenna’s place.

Would I recommend this book? Mmm, yes and also no. Yes, if you don’t mind a character holding everything in and being super afraid, and also if you don’t mind an open ending. No, if you don’t like those things, and also if you expect there to be a lot of monster appearances.


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