Review for Unspeakable

Review for Unspeakable

22103725Short review. Just want to express my thoughts.

The book had a slow start, but after that it picked up. Due to something that happened (something we slowly find out page by page) our main character doesn’t speak, won’t make a sound. The whole not-speaking and the guilt was done so perfectly. I just felt so sad for the poor girl. No one should have had something like this happening to them, no one should carry so much guilt and worry. I had my suspicions on what happened, and also on what really happened, but the end still took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it.

The main girl was interesting. I really liked that her no-speaking was a real thing to her. Nowhere, not even when alone, did she speak or make a sound. But with the coming of a new girl, you see her loosen up, you see her lose a bit of her fear, she is slowly coming to terms with what happened. She has finally found someone she feels that she can trust. And I really loved how they grew to each other.

Jasmine was just wonderful. I loved her, and how instead of demanding our main girl to speak, she just spoke to her. Kept chattering, kept our main girl nearby.
I was so sorry for her with all that happened to her. No one deserves that.

The love between the girls, the confusion of our main character it was all written realistically and I really was intrigued and wanted to know how this would go on.

The ending was fantastic, it had a lot of twists and turns, some revelations and most importantly something that our main character has been searching for.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Looking for a realistic book? A book with LGBT themes, with themes about sorrow and death, about bullying? Then try this one out.


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