Review for Violet and the Hidden Treasure

Review for Violet and the Hidden Treasure

22055503This was another wonderful book in this great series. We got new mysteries, new friends and best of all, still a wonderful main character.

Because that is what Violet is. She is wonderful, sweet and smart. I loved reading about her trip to India, reading about her friendship with the Maharajah and others (it is so great that she is able to make friends this easily) and I loved how she went to save her friends and how she went to help them out when they didn’t feel happy about something.
This girl, she isn’t magical, she doesn’t have super skills, but she can solve all the mysteries with her wits and with her immense ability to care about her friends, which enables her to do stuff that people normally wouldn’t do.

The story was great, I really was cheering for that little bird. The poor thing lost something so precious, so big and then is also stalked by several scary people (well, mostly one very scary person). I would also keep my mouth shut and just say nothing.

Next to the bird, we also have another 2 new characters in the book. Rajesh and Arthur. I am not sure if we will ever see Rajesh again, I am guessing yes, as with how the ending went. But Arthur? We will see him a lot, unless he moves again, but I am guessing he will be around for at least another book.

The book was filled with mystery, with kidnappings, with treasure and India. It was just wonderful and I couldn’t stop turning the pages and read and read and read.

There are also illustrations and they make the story even more awesome. I was actually hoping the colours in this book would be orange or gold, but instead they were purple again. Which is ok, but it just stood out a bit too much.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone looking for a very likeable character, for mysteries and for friendship.


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