Review for Ava and Taco Cat

Review for Ava and Taco Cat

21991202Received this book from the publisher on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was so delighted when I found out that we were getting a new book about Ava, as I said in my review for the first book, I was hoping for a sequel! And we did!

This time it is about Ava’s new cat, how she got him and how she took care of him. But, that is not the only thing it talks about. It talks about growing up (since Ava is slowly reaching puberty and it also talks about things like periods and about kissing and boys), about friendship and especially when your best friend makes a new friend. A friend who isn’t all too nice at times. It is also about sisters and it was really fun to see Pip again.

Ava is still a wonderful character, and I can just see her grow, not only from a kid to a teenager, but also mentally. You can see she is getting smarter and wiser with each day. And she is a very sweet character, she cares a whole lot about her friends, and worries about her relationships with them.
I loved how she handled Taco Cat, loved how she gave him space, but also tried to coax him out of hiding and show him that he has a new loving family.
It was fun to see her write things again. For most of the book it is an Alphabet book with fish as main characters. Illustrations by Pip and Rhymes by Ava. I wish I could see the book, I would love to see Pip’s illustrations, they sound like small masterpieces. But Ava also writes a short story.
I had a laugh about her ways to get her parents to get Taco Cat, planting mice drawings everywhere? Perfect idea!

Ava’s parents are still great parents and I like how they raise their kids. Pip was great again, though I am sad to see that from shy she went to a real teenager with a boyfriend and also the temper to match.

We have 2 new characters. Gretchen and Zara. I didn’t like Gretchen, at all. I think she was pretty rude to just demand all that. No, just no. Ava and her family adopted the cat, they have papers, and it is all nice and all that the woman is the original owner, but you can’t just demand the cat back. Not like that. It is ridiculous. And it made me just so angry. So I can’t give the book the 5 stars I was planning to. I also didn’t particularly like how the situation was solved. It was a bit too easy and too silly. A typical children’s book solution and one that I hoped wouldn’t be used.

Zara was a nosy brat, and for most of the book I really disliked her and all the stuff she said. How she came between Chuck and Ava and had them have the most awkward days of their lives together. Near the end I saw a different side of her and I started to change my opinion on her, but only a little bit. I still didn’t like her much.

Taco Cat was a wonderful cat, it was quite realistic and interesting to see how he started off so afraid, but slowly warmed up and came out of his shell.

This book features a bunch of palindromes and other fun word plays + also long words and their definitions, which I am sure kids will find interesting to read about, and I have to say that while there were still a lot of palindromes I didn’t feel like it was too much. Maybe I got used to it with the previous book, or maybe the author decided to switch around with things and bring a bit more diversity.
I didn’t really like the Aesop’s fables. I mostly know them already, and I don’t find them interesting enough to read again. It is fun that it was added, and I am sure kids would like them, but I just couldn’t like them.

All in all, I liked the book and I do hope that we will see more of Ava in the future.


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