Review for Dinosaur Police

Review for Dinosaur Police

25472526I heard about this book through twitter, and I was delighted. Sarah McIntyre + Dinosaur world + Dinosaur police? Um, yes, yes and more yes please!

And yesterday was finally the day, the book came in, I already sneaked some peeks at it, but decided to save it for today. And now I have read it, and I can say this, I want more Dinosaur Police stories! Maybe a whole big book with stories about them? I want to know more about Sarah Tops and her adventures. And even though Trevor is a big mean bully (at times), I really like to see more of him. He is such a fun character, who, even though he looks threatening and does bad stuff, is also a good dinosaur at heart.

Because that is what the story does, it starts of with a problem (a big T-rex named Trevor making trouble), but ends in a happy ending that is sure to delight kids and adults. I am not sure how the adults feel about the whole burping thing at the end, but I was just giggling when I read/saw it.

The illustrations are truly a feast for the eyes. There were so many little details, and so many little things that were in the illustrations that you just can’t simply turn away before discovering all the things. You can see dinosaurs doing all kinds of things (for example, one is gaming, others are dancing or chatting), and even at the factory you could just see that there is not just one kind of pizza, oh no, there are a whole lot of different ones.
Each page is a delight to see. The art is also very colourful and it just pops out of the book.

I am sure that kids, but also adults, will love this picture book. I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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