Review for Expelled

Review for Expelled

25630443I have been excited for the book named Sweet as soon as I heard it was coming (so around last year), and now, with only a few days to go before the release date I found this precious gem of a novella. And I can say, it does it job, it really grabbed me and made me want to read Sweet even more than I already wanted to read it. I am now super excited!

This novella tells us the story of Li Jing, the creator of the sweetener that will cause havoc in the Sweet book. I really loved her personality, she is driven, ambitious, but she also has something creepy over her. Like she is truly willing to do anything, no matter what, to get where she wants to go. If that means testing on human subjects? If that means testing on people who could die? She would, she will. I was a bit disturbed with her, especially the latter parts of this short novella. She really shows her dark side there, but then, maybe that deal with the devil (as I will call the man) does that to a person, maybe it does bring out the evil that was residing in her.

Carolann was interesting, and it also clearly shows we are in for a treat when the real book pops in. If this is what might happen to people with a product that is badly tested and done with sloppy research, what will the real deal bring?

Penny, urgh. I don’t like her type. I can understand why she did what she did, I might have done the same, but I still think how she did it, and the fact she lied about things are just bad.

Li Jing’s father… Dear Lord, bad parenting much?

All in all, this was a short novella, but it will give you the creeps and it will make you hungry for the real deal, for the real Sweet deal that is coming soon.

I would really recommend this one to everyone who is planning to read Sweet, or those who are interested Emmy Laybourne’s book but aren’t sure yet.


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