Review for Ghoulfriends ’til the End

Review for Ghoulfriends ’til the End

Meh, I was actually hoping for this series to be over by now. It was a good book, but sorry, I am just tired of it a bit.18478207

The story about ASOME and the normies has been going on and on for 4 books now, each book has a new something happening so that our trio can save the day once again. This time people get kidnapped and ASOME makes their moves. Of course, we also find out more about ASOME, about the people in it, and those who stand against it. But it really frustrated me, a lot of stuff was so obvious, yet it took everyone in the book ages to finally see the light and understand what was going on. I had a few close moments where I wanted to shout at the book. For them to hurry up, and why can’t anyone see what is going on!!!!!

With each passing page I was hoping the story would be wrapped up, but then came the last part of the book and I knew we would have at least 1 or 2 more books to go about this whole thing. Next time it seems we will get closer to a certain someone’s dad. Not that I am highly interested in it, or anything on the moment. I will probably still read the book, as I want to know how it ends, but I might just wait until I know for sure the series is actually over.

The characters were fun once again. It was really nice seeing them again. I loved their little personality traits and how close they are as friends.

Cleo and that other girl, dear Lord, those two are horrendous. Throughout the book they annoy not only me, but also everyone else in the whole school. Teachers, students and others.

I really liked the illustrations that were added to the book, it gave the book some extra liveliness.

Would I recommend this book? I am not entirely sure. With all that happened in here, I would say yes and no. If you don’t mind a book that just keeps going on and on, dragging its dead story with it through now 4 books, then I would say read it. If you don’t like that, I would say wait until the series is finished.


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