Review for Kasane Vol.1

Review for Kasane Vol.1

978-4063524857This was a sick and disturbing manga and I am not going to read this one further.

Kasane is a highly disturbing young girl, and while I can imagine that she became this way because of people and how they react to her looks, I still think this is a bit too far to go for someone. I was truly getting sick in my stomach while reading this manga. Kasane will do anything to get what she wants. Stealing someone’s face? Drugging them to do so? Threatening them with a knife? Seriously, wth. It was just disturbing.

The first parts I didn’t feel much sadness for her victim (might sound cruel, but really, that bully was just horrendous), however, I did feel sad about the final outcome and what happened there. I am not even sure what happens afterwards. Was there an investigation? What were the reactions on that school? It feels a bit weird to just end it the way the mangaka did.
I felt super sad during the second part with the second victim. The poor girl just tried her best to be friends with Kasane and this is her reward? This is what Kasane does? She doesn’t care about friendship or caring about people? I just wanted to smack Kasane on the head for doing all this to someone who truly cares about her and doesn’t care about her looks.

I also feel that the way Kasane was drawn was too far, too much and too silly. I can imagine that one would make her slightly ugly, as otherwise why would she use the lipstick? But, this much? No, sorry. I didn’t like it.
I have no clue if Kasane was ever nice, or if she always had this personality. Again, I can imagine that she broke and got evil. Bullying is a bad thing and it will break the victims, but I feel Kasane would have been evil even without that.

I didn’t like Kasane’s mom. It is one reason why I don’t want to read it further, I just don’t want to know what Kasane’s mom really was. There are enough hints and they hint to things I don’t want to see drawn out.

The art was so-so. It is not really a style I like, it reminded me a lot of the old shoujo manga.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this manga. The covers are delightful and pretty, but that is really it.


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