Review for Nimona

Review for Nimona

19351043This is a review for the ARC.

I was looking for a new graphic novel/comic to read when I stumbled upon this one. The blurb immediately attracted me, as did the cover. I am glad I had a chance to read/review this one!

The book was fantastic, there was a great story, wonderful characters and epic battles. I really loved Nimona, I knew she was hiding something though, she was too shifty and trying to make everything seem so cool and wonderful. I felt sorry for her, I knew whatever really happened to her was a terrible thing. And when that time came, when the truth came out, I was just horrified. That people did that, I can imagine she would turn into a bloodthirsty shape shifter.
She was a great character, I loved her for her courage, how she tried to protect her boss, how she did things her way (which wasn’t always the right way, but hey, it worked?), and I loved how kick-ass she was. Another girl to add to my list of kick-ass girl characters.

Blackheart was a great character, even though he was the villain, he never really truly gave off evil villain vibes. And as we slowly find out stuff about him, we find out why we feel that. And for a super villain he was actually quite nice. Trying not to get people killed, just taking money or proving a point or wanting to show the world the other side. Trying to stop Nimona from doing bad stuff.

Then we have the nemesis of the story. Goldenloin. Dear Lord, I didn’t like him in the beginning, but slowly I started liking him more and more. Especially with the whole backstory unfolding.

I don’t often post this in my reviews, but I was truly shipping Goldenloin and Blackheart (LoinHeart? GoldenBlack? BlackLoin?). I was just hoping for them to get together and show each other that they truly cared about each other. They would really make a great couple. (You know, this is kind of embarrassing to put in a review.)

I loved the fact that it all took place in a medieval setting, however they did have advanced/higher technology. Which made the story a bit trippy, but also very fun. I found it interesting that people still lived like the Middle Ages, yet had access to screens, automatic doors, advanced medical care and more.

The story was great, I was totally immersed in this world of Nimona, of Blackheart and Goldenloin. The story starts off pretty nice and fluffy, but soon things are just spiralling out of control and the epic stuff starts!

The ending was a bit of a disappointment. That is truly the only thing I didn’t like in the book. All the other things, the silly over-the-top plots? The characters? The graphics? I loved them!

And that brings me to the last part, the graphics. I really loved them, they were quite pretty and I liked how the characters were drawn, how the shape shifting was shown and how the battles were made. It pulled me further and further in this comic.

I know one thing, I will be buying this book when it comes out. I need to add this one to my collection! And I would highly recommend this to everyone. Looking for great characters? Some magic and fantasy, but combined with high technology? Read this one!


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