Review for Omoi no Kakera Vol.2

Review for Omoi no Kakera Vol.2

978-4592710554Another great volume in this series.

This time we switch between the sister named Mayu and Mika. We also have another girl that gets attention. But all in all, everything is connected and it is pretty great. I didn’t particularly like how Mayu was just stalking Mika. I get why she did it, and that she is just trying to help out Mika, but there are better ways to help someone. Stalking and pushing them is not the way you want to do things.

Mika is slowly getting out of her shell, she finally told her story to Mayu, and I hope that this will help the two of them. They would sure make a nice couple, should they get together. I agreed with the coffee shop owner, Mika needs to learn to let go of the past, to try falling in love again, instead of mistrusting everyone.

I feel kind of sorry for Mayu’s friend though. So in love with Mayu, but knowing she can’t tell her, can’t tell her about her feelings.

The bonus chapters tell us more and more about the coffee owner and her friend. I can see where this is going to lead, and it won’t be pretty. That guy is so bleh, horrendous. Forcing a girl to do that, just to accept her offer. :\

All in all, it was a good volume, and I will be sure to read the last one soon. I want to know how this ends, especially with that ending! The person who destroyed Mika’s life in the past has come for a visit.

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