Review for Omoi no Kakera Vol.3

Review for Omoi no Kakera Vol.3

978-4592710776I was so looking forward to finishing this series, and now I wish I hadn’t.

The ending sucked So much, I was hoping for x ending and I got an Y ending. Things are resolved, yay! But what happened to the love? I was hoping for finally a kiss or a hug or something else between Mayu and Mika, and well, nothing. All that build-up for nothing. So disappointed. :\
We finally have some awesome stuff between Mika and Mayu, and I was hoping for a kiss. With everything in the past volume I was thinking that Mika also liked/loved Mayu. But it seems not, and otherwise the stupid glasses girl ruined it all with her whining. I so hated it. I was hoping for a romantic ending, with Mika and Mayu getting together. Instead? All 3 of them end up as fucking friends and nothing happens. I hate it when books do this.

I really dislike it when endings just go for one way after a whole load of build-up.

Mayu was a great character and while I didn’t like her in the beginning, she shaped up to be a wonderful girl and a character I was rooting for.
Mika, I liked her from the start, but with each chapter she got better and better and more better. In this one she finally confronts her past when her sensei pops up at the festival. I really loved that this was added, though I feel the impact of it all lessened because of the lame cop-out ending. It had potential to be a great climax, to have a great bang to a good story, but sorry, with the ending? All that turned to a pile of poo.
I was sad to see some things happening in this volume. I can imagine why Mika did it, but I wish it was differently.

That other girl, the one with the glasses, I keep forgetting her name because she is so forgettable. I never liked and with this ending? I never will like her.

All in all, would I recommend this book/series? Yes, but I would suggest you don’t read the last 2/3 chapters of this volume. It will probably ruin something great.


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    1. It was an interesting manga, I really loved to see how the characters developed. Mika and Mayu especially, they both go through a lot of changes. But yeah, it was such a shame that after all that, we get such an ending. It makes me feel like the author didn’t care or was in a hurry to finish it.

      I hope you will like it (especially the first 2 volumes). It might be a bit confusing at times, but you will soon ease into how it is written. Let me know what you thought of the ending (if you want). 🙂

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