Review for Princess in Training

Review for Princess in Training

22749809I just love it when princesses get out of their standard stuff and turn out to be kick-ass heroines.

Like for instance, Viola in this book. She is a princess, but she loves karate, she love skateboarding, she loves jumping in the moat to just swim when it is warm. All qualities that a princess shouldn’t have (according to her parents and various other people). But those qualities are what made me want to read the book. A skateboarding, karate-chopping, moat-jumping princess? Yes, please!

Viola was a great girl, and I loved that she wasn’t forced to attend that camp for princesses, instead she sought to improve herself. In the hopes that she will become a princess that people will love. I was worried that she might be forced, but it seems we have a girl who will do anything to become better!

I really liked reading about her training and about what happened there. I won’t spoil anything, but lets just say I really loved it. Turns out the skills of skateboarding, water-jumping and karate-chopping are truly necessary skills that every princess should have.

The illustrations are pretty fun, it feels like we are reading a comic book at times, instead of a picture book. There are sound effects when action happens and the art is put into panels during those times. The other times it just reads as a picture book, and a great one at that. The art is really pretty and it totally fits with this skateboarding princess.

All in all, I would really recommend this picture book to everyone. Young and old will love it.


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